Focus and Scope

Focus and Scope

Aim: To drive forward the fields related to Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education by providing a high-quality evidence base for academicians, researchers, scholars, scientists, managers, policymakers, and students.

Scope: The focus is to publish papers that are authentic, original, and plagiarism free and should in interest of society and the world.

SAINSMAT: Journal of Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education is journal of Applied Sciences and Mathematics research and innovation, also consider multidisciplinary research and innovation in related field. It is an open-access journal that publishes research outcomes with significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of the Sciences and Mathematics processes. SAINSMAT collects research results from different disciplines and methodological approaches and research carried out by interdisciplinary research related to Sciences and Mathematics.

In this line, disciplinary and interdisciplinary works related to Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education research are welcomed.

SAINSMAT is devoted to the original contribution to fundamental and applied mathematics and natural sciences covering physics, chemistry, and biology. For acceptance in SAINSMAT, a manuscript must be the right fit with the journal's focus and scope. 

Topics include, but are not limited to the following areas:

Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics Education
All areas of fundamental, computational, applied, and industrial mathematics include (but not limited) to

  • linear algebra,
  • number theory,
  • graph theory,
  • numerical analysis,
  • numerical statistics,
  • optimization,
  • operational research,
  • signal analysis,
  • wavelets,
  • data mining,
  • big data,
  • image processing,
  • fuzzy sets,
  • spline,
  • stochastic analysis,
  • integral equation,
  • differential equation,
  • a partial differential equation,
  • applied statistics,
  • mathematics education,
  • and combinations of the above.

Physics, Applied Physics, and Physics Education
All areas of fundamental and applied physics include (but not limited) to

  • astrophysics,
  • atmospheric and space physics,
  • atomic and molecular physics,
  • biophysics,
  • condensed matter and materials physics,
  • general and interdisciplinary physics,
  • nonlinear dynamics and complex systems,
  • nuclear physics,
  • optics and spectroscopy,
  • particle physics,
  • plasma physics,
  • relativity and cosmology,
  • statistical physics,
  • electronic engineering,
  • mining engineering,
  • business informatics,
  • technology information,
  • physics education,
  • and combinations of the above.

Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, and Chemistry Education
All areas of fundamental and applied chemistry include (but not limited) to

  • analytical chemistry,
  • biochemistry and medicinal chemistry,
  • inorganic chemistry,
  • materials chemistry,
  • nuclear chemistry and radioactivity,
  • organic chemistry,
  • physical chemistry and chemical physics,
  • sustainable, green, and environmental chemistry,
  • theoretical and computational chemistry,
  • chemistry education,
  • and combinations of the above.

Biology, Applied Biology, Health, and Biology Education
All areas of fundamental and applied biology include (but not limited) to

  • anatomy,
  • botany,
  • biochemistry,
  • biology,
  • biophysics and biotechnology,
  • cytology,
  • developmental biology,
  • ecology,
  • genetics,
  • hydrobiology,
  • life science,
  • microbiology,
  • molecular biology,
  • neurobiology,
  • physiology,
  • zoology,
  • biology education,
  • and combinations of the above.

Handling editors at SAINSMAT make an initial assessment to ensure a manuscript is scientifically robust and fits within the scope of the journal. After this first check, the handling editor decides whether to send the manuscript out for review or recommend it for immediate rejection.